ChordMaster 2000 is a tool to help you learn chord fingerings for guitar. Play along in 'Practice' mode to drill the chords into memory. It shows chords in a random sequence, so don't expect to be playing songs (although you may discover interesting transitions!) Switch into 'Flashchord' mode to test yourself. It should be good for beginners, but even advanced players will find it useful - crank up the 'Difficulty' rating and let it take you into uncharted territory!

And btw, this is free, no strings attached - except you get to look at the ads on the right ;-) If you like it, or have problems or suggestions, give me a shout out on twitter (@tardate).

ChordMaster 2000 is built with the open source jTab library. jTab is a javascript-based library that allows you to easily render arbitrary guitar chord and tabulature (tab) notation on the web. Automatically. It works in most modern browsers that support javascript, CSS and scalable vector graphics (SVG) - for example, Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3. For more information on jTab, see